Outdoor Gardening Decor Tips and Ideas

I know it is Spring time when I drive up my driveway and see purple flowers blooming from my vinca minor. How can I be so in love with a small purple bloom from wild ground cover? I don’t know, but my dream is to have it growing down both sides of my driveway someday in future. Although it grows wild once it is planted, I have to harvest it from my mom’s neighborhood and plant it one vine at a time.

If you see this same post up for the next eight days, don’t be surprised. So, while I’m not riding the rides with my family at Busch Gardens, I could be reading and commenting on all your blog! Then everyone (me) will be happy for a change at Busch Gardens.  In this post I will be discussing about how you can decor your garden and patio with outdoor garden lights.

Patio gardening decor tips

Patio gardening suits mainly those people living in apartments, condominiums or mobile homes, who might have less or little land or have less sunlight to enjoy all the aspects associated with conventional gardening. Theoretically, patio gardening ranges from something as simple as setting up a few window boxes on an apartment balcony, to an elaborate design such as enclosing an entire porch with trellised vines, potted trees and shrubs, hanging baskets, and containers filled with annual and perennial flowers. In a practical context, to an extent, patio gardening can substitute vegetable gardening or home gardening in terms of the produce it yields and also the associated mental satisfaction.

Now let us see the intricacies of patio gardening more closely – patio gardening involves growing plants or creepers in containers or planter boxes. The inside of the boxes should be lined with plastic. This prevents the chemicals in the treated wood from seeping in to the soil. The increasingly available automatic irrigation systems take care for the water supply and hence no much worries for you as a gardener. Not to mention, to have a productive and attractive patio garden, there should be ample provisions for proper growing media, adequate water and fertilizer and plenty of sunlight.

To qualify one as efficient patio gardening, it is essential to have in place a catchy pattern or design in the way plants have been planted in the patio garden – a well conceived garden along these lines pleases an onlooker’s eyes as well as acting as a panacea to one’s soul and spirit. Plants such as yuccas can produce a very formal architectural style whilst using softer varieties like Artemisia and Rosemary can tone down the hard straight corners of a new deck to create a more informal style. These suggestions are included just to give an idea about what all things can be done to improve one’s patio gardening ideas. The real look and feel of a patio garden depends entirely on the extent of conception and planning the gardener has in his mind.

To add some room for you to rest and relax amid the vegetation, something like an awning cane be made as an adjunct to your patio garden. It gives you a much needed cover from sunlight or an unexpected down pour which threatens to play spoil sport on your regular Weekend barbecue.

With some planning and care, the patio of your can be made one of the most stunning and hence the most sought after places in your home. Patio gardening is all about learning to live alongside the nature and its greenery even if there are limitations for setting up a full fledged garden.

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